About us

Passion poured into production

Loving the work you do is a blessing. We are a company that is focused on CAD (computer-aided design) and molds and tools production. We offer expert solutions, individually tailored to each customer.

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A year of experience
CNC machines
Machine park

In this case, more truly means more

The time it takes to develop a project depends on a series of factors. The amount of available machine capacity being the crucial one. We found a solution by taking the step of increasing the number of available machines. We thereby eliminated the potential failure to meet contracted deadlines in cases of machine malfunctions or breakdowns, and simultaneously secured the possibility of taking on extremely urgent projects for our customers without the need to adjust timelines for projects already underway.

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In this case, more truly means more
Separated services

What and how we do

Designing and developing special-purpose machines

Challenges exist – we create solutions
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Designing and developing fixtures

Today’s machines are powerful. Equipped with the proper fixtures, they become even more powerful.
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Designing and developing molds and tools

Serial production is unthinkable without molds and tools
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