About us

About us

We are a family firm that focuses on CAD design and molds and tools making. We offer expert solutions, individually tailored to each customer. The company is located in Croatia, an EU member state.


A year of experience
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About us

Why choose us


We provide our long-time customers with a far wider range of products and services than presented on this page. This entails virtually everything necessary to support serious production systems, to the extent of our capability.


The development of new or modification of existing products entails a series of variables. In such cases, we place ourselves at the disposal of our customers’ technical teams. Our experience and ideas have helped in the finalization of many...


What is experience? Thousands and thousands of hours of problem-solving, brainstorming and analysis of proposed solutions, as well as countless sleepless nights. These are more than enough for us to declare: we’re experienced.

The power of teamwork

Molds and tools production for renowned customers to mutual satisfaction over many years is the result of teamwork. Continuing in that spirit is our imperative.


Making something is relatively easy. Making something high-quality is more difficult. Making something to order with maximum quality within a contracted deadline – that’s our team’s everyday routine.


Delays occur during any production involving the use of molds and tools. Whether a matter of breakage, abrasion or damaged surfaces, our team is at your disposal to deal with any problem in the shortest possible time.